6/4 Nah Horizontal Discharge Direction Erosion and Alkali Resistant Mining Lime Pump

Introducing our 6/4 Nah Horizontal Discharge Direction Erosion and Alkali Resistant Mining Lime Pump. We are a factory specializing in high-quality mining pumps.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
6/4 NAH
Position of Pump Shaft
Horizontal Pump
Pump Casing Combined
Horizontal Split Pumps
Mounting Height
Suction Centrifugal
Pump, Pumps, Condensate Pump, Slurry Pump, Circulating Pump
Wear Resistant
Drive Type
Discharge Size
1 to 18 Inch
0-1000 (L/S)
Transport Package
Wooden Case
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

6/4 NAH Horizontal Discharge Direction Erosion and Alkali Resistant Mining Lime pump

Naipu NAH(R) series centrifugal slurry pumps and spare parts can fully interchangeable with world famous brand. These pumps are of heavy duty construction, designed for continous pumping of highly abrasive and corrosive slurries. They feature a wide choice of replaceable abrasion resistant metal or molded elastomer casting liners and impellers, which are all interchangeable within a common casting assembly.

Typical Application-
Mineral Flotation Processing
Electric Factory Coal preparation
Coal Washing
Chemical medium processing
Sand and gravel handling
Effluent Handling

Product Overview 
6/4 Nah Horizontal Discharge Direction Erosion and Alkali Resistant Mining Lime Pump
6/4 Nah Horizontal Discharge Direction Erosion and Alkali Resistant Mining Lime Pump

Workshop Show

Shijiazhuang Naipu Pump Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Slurry Pumps, 
We can be in service from Mould ,Casting, Heat treatment ,Machining, Assembly,Testing etc. one dragon service.
We have our Mould Workshop,there are Wooden Mould,Aluminum Mould,Lost Foam Casting Mould,Wax Mould etc.
Naipu own Casting Workshop,mainly Sand Casting and Lost Foam Casting and Precision Casting.
Naipu own Heat treatment Workshop, after out of furnace,the hardness are according to the technical requirement.
Naipu own Machining Workshop,we are professional from rough machining to finish machining.
Naipu own Assembly Workshop, our mechanicians are skilled in assemblying as we had about 30 years experience in this area.
Naipu own  Inspection Workshop, Every order every parts we will do the test before loading.

6/4 Nah Horizontal Discharge Direction Erosion and Alkali Resistant Mining Lime Pump

Quality Control System

We have about 15-30 QC inspectors,we test all the parts before loading.

Application On Site

Heavy Mining | Mineral Processing | Sand and Gravel |Coal Prep | Cyclone Feeds | Aggregate Processing | Fine Primary Mill Grinding | Chemical Slurry Service | Tailings | Secondary Grinding | Industrial Processing | Pulp And Paper | Food Processing | Cracking Operations | Ash Handling | Pipeline Transport | High Velocity Hydraulic Transport |Food Processing | Explosive Sludge In Metal Smelting | River And Pond Dredging | Heavy Refuse Removal | Larger Particle Or Low NPSHA Applications | Continuous (Snore) Sump Pump Operation | Abrasive Slurries | High Density Slurries | Large Particle Slurries | Sump Drainage | Wash down | Floor Drainage | Mixing | Iron Ore | Cooper | Diamond | Alumina | Coal | Gold | Kaolin | Phosphorite | Steel | Palm | Suger | Chemical | Power | FGD | Frac Sand Blending | Construction | City Sewage | etc.

6/4 Nah Horizontal Discharge Direction Erosion and Alkali Resistant Mining Lime Pump

Possible Faults and Settlements.
        Faults      Reason        Settlement
1.Pump fails to discharge any water,The hand of pressure gauge beat violently  1.Suction pipe don't have enough water.
2.Suction pipe blocked or the valve is locked.
1. Inject enough water
2.unlock the inlet valve,clear the blocks
3.Exclude the air leakage 
2.The pump can't discharge water,the hand of vacuum meter beat heavily.  1.The inlet valve is unlocked or silted up.
2.The resistance of suction pipe is too big or silted up.
3.The height of suction is too high. 
1.Unlock the valve or desilting 
2.improve the design of  suction pipe or desilt 
3.Lower the height of the installation.
3.The pump can't discharge water,pressure gauge shows heavy pressure. 1.The resistance of the discharge pipe is too big.
2.The impeller blocked
3.The speed is slow.
1.Check and adjust the outlet pipe.
2.Clear the impeller
3. Improve the speed.
4.The pump doesn't rotate  The volute is silted up by the blocks.  Clear the blocks
5.The capacity is not enough  1.The blocks of the impeller or the inlet or outlet pipe.
2.The abrasion of the impeller is heavily.
3.The speed is low to normal 
4.Pump is installed unreasonably or the leakage of the inlet pipe.
5.The transporting height is too high,the loss of the resistance of the inside pipe are too big.
6.The inlet valve not open enough or blocked
7.The packing seal leaks
1.Clear the impeller or pipe.
2.Change the impeller

3.Adjust the speed
4.Install again or stop leaking.

  1. Decrease the height of the transport or reduce the resistance.
  2. Unlock the inlet valve
  1. Compress the packing tightly
6.The motor of the pump is overloaded  1.The head of the pump exceeds the head of the working condition.
2.Not consider the slurry density when selecting the pump.
3.The packing press tightly
1.Turn down the outlet valve,cut the impeller or lower the speed.
2.Select the motor again.
3.Adjust the the screw of the  packing gland 
7.Abnormal sound in the pump, and no water out 1.The resistance of the inlet pipe is too big.
2.The height of the suction is too high.
3.Cavitation occurred 
  1. there is air in the inlet
  2. The temperature of the liquid is too high
  1. Clear the suction pipe and sluice valve.
  2. Lower the height of the suction 
  3. Adjust the water valve and let the pump operate in the defined limits.
  4. Block the leakage.
  5. Lowering the liquid temperature.
8.pump vibrates 1.pump cavitate 
2.The block of the impeller single vane 
3.The no concentricity  between the pump shaft and motor shaft
4.Fasteners or foundation loose
1.Adjust the water valve ,lower the height of the installation,reduce the resistance of the inlet.
2.Clear the impeller
3.Alignment again
4.Fasten the screw,and reinforce the foundation.
9.Bearing is overheat  1.lock the cooling water
2.lubrication is not good.
3.the lubrication oil is not clear
4.the wrong direction of the thrust bearing.
5.there is something wrong with the bearing.
  1. Open the cooling water
  2. Adjust the oil quantity 
  3. Clear the shaft,change oil
  4. According to the inlet pressure,adjust the direction of the thrust bearing.
  5. Change the bearing 
10.Packing short life  The material of packing is not good  Change the packing 
11.pump leak oil 1.High oil level
2.The rubber parts invalid  
3.Assembly problem
1.Lower the oil level
2.Change rubber spares
3.Adjust the assembly
12 Pump head leaking  1.The rubber parts not press well Assembly again or press tightly 

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