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Introducing the metering pump from ZhongShan Zhiji Water Co., Ltd. This high-precision pump is designed to accurately control the flow rate of liquids, making it ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Whether it's for water treatment, chemical processing, or food and beverage production, our metering pump offers reliable and consistent performance.

With its compact design and advanced technology, our metering pump is easy to install and operate, providing precise and efficient fluid management. It is built to withstand harsh environments and is constructed with durable materials for long-lasting durability. The pump also offers adjustable flow rates and pressure settings to meet the specific needs of your operation.

At ZhongShan Zhiji Water Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing high-quality and innovative solutions for fluid control, and our metering pump is no exception. Trust our reliable and efficient pump to deliver accurate and consistent results for your diverse application needs.
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  • I recently purchased a metering pump for my chemical dosing system and I have been extremely impressed with its performance. The pump has proven to be very accurate and reliable, delivering precise and consistent doses of chemicals into my process stream. The compact design makes it easy to install and maintain, and the adjustable flow rate allows me to easily control the dosage as needed. Overall, I am very happy with the metering pump and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient dosing solution for their industrial applications.
    Ms. Rachel Ma
  • The XYZ Metering Pump is a top-notch product that delivers precise and consistent flow rates for all your fluid handling needs. Its sturdy construction and reliable performance make it an essential tool for various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing. The pump's accurate metering capabilities ensure efficient and cost-effective operations, while its user-friendly design makes it easy to install and maintain. With adjustable settings and a wide range of flow rates, this pump is highly adaptable to diverse applications. Overall, the XYZ Metering Pump exceeds expectations with its exceptional quality and functionality, making it the perfect choice for all your metering needs.
    Ms. Helen Peng
Introducing our latest innovation in fluid handling technology - the Metering Pump. Designed to deliver precise and accurate dosing of various liquids, our metering pump is the ideal solution for a wide range of industries including chemical processing, water treatment, and industrial manufacturing.

Our metering pump is built with high-quality materials and precision engineering to ensure reliable and consistent performance. It features a unique design that allows for adjustable flow rates and can handle a variety of viscosities and chemical compositions. With its compact size and easy installation, our metering pump is the perfect choice for applications where space is limited.

The advanced technology incorporated into our metering pump allows for precise control over dosing, making it an essential tool for achieving optimal process efficiency and cost savings. Whether you need to add chemicals for water treatment, control the dosage of additives in industrial processes, or precisely dispense ingredients in food production, our metering pump delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

At our company, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our metering pump is a testament to this commitment, offering unparalleled precision, reliability, and versatility. With our metering pump, you can trust that your fluid handling needs are in capable hands. Contact us today to learn more about how our metering pump can enhance your operations.

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